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Meet the Team

Our dedicated and competent staff are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Diane – Matron
Diane has been newly appointed to this post and since being in this position she has made a tremendous and positive impact in managing the staff team effectively, with an open door policy.  Diane has put many new practices into place which have contributed greatly to the overall running of the home.

Rahul – Director
Rahul is often on the floor mingling with the residents and relatives as well as being on hand to answer any questions staff or relatives may have, he also has an open door policy.  Rahul has managed Downsvale Nursing Home for over 5 years and in that time has made some positive changes to the home.

Wendy – Administrator
Wendy has worked at Downsvale for over 17 years, she is the lady who oversees all the administration side of the home.  Alongside her heavy workload, Wendy always makes time for the staff, residents and relatives to answer any questions they may have.  As well as this you can also from time to time find her joining in on the merriment of activities.

Karen – Care Home-Co-ordinator
Karen manages the kitchen and housekeeping staff.  She is the lady who takes on many different roles and is one for rolling up her sleeves and attending to any job that needs doing.  She also has an open door policy.

Terri Hollliday – Recreational Therapist
Terri manages the activities of the home devising monthly schedules of events for residents to participate in should they wish, from arts and crafts, brain and physical exercises, gardening, pampering, competitions, quizzes, baking, booking outside entertainment, themed days and the list goes on. She ensures that the residents always have something to do, to keep them occupied and brings in new activities for the residents to try, whether this is for individuals or group sessions.

Our Care Staff and Nurses
Our care team are multi cultured coming from many different backgrounds and can all speak English.  We ensure that all our recruits have the caring and professional qualities we look for in our staff.  We also offer many opportunities for our team to develop in new knowledge and skills thus giving them a strong grounded workplace where their views and career requirements are nurtured.