In Order to minimize the risk on dated 5th March 2020, we have discussed the options available to us regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19), and have decided that we will shut Downsvale Nursing Home down to all visitors from Wednesday 18th March 2020. This gives immediate relatives two days to visit if they wish.

In order to minimise the risk to our residents, we are stopping all outside entertainment, including the hairdresser. In case a resident becomes infected with the virus, we plan to quarantine them within the nursing home, with the specific allocated staff attending to the resident. Residents will not be attending hospital appointments unless absolutely necessary. All families and friends are welcome to ring and enquirer about the well-being of your respected relatives and we are happy to answer any of your questions.

We regret taking these actions, but given the risk that this age group faces, we believe these steps are necessary in order to safeguard their well-being. We initially plan to put these actions in place for 2 weeks and the situation will be reviewed thereafter. Please revert back to confirm receipt of this letter via email or in writing. We will consider your response confirmation that you have read and understood the above matters. Should you have any queries please do contact us.

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